French photographer based in Paris FRANCE, available worldwide. Speaking French, English, Italian, and Spanish.
Passionate since my early age by photography, I first started using film cameras. Over time, I developed my practice in line with the constant evolution of photography’s techniques.
My philosophy is: “less is more”; therefore I strive to simplify my practice to reach the ultimate minimalism.
The hardest and easiest way to create is to be true to yourself, innocent, free from the influence of the standardised vision of the world, and this allows me to express my passion and follow my dreams, using the enthusiasm of today to shape the pictures of tomorrow.
Cities fascinate me, the human being captivates me. Taking pictures allows me to express myself freely and walk hazardously in this energetic world.​​​​​​​
The spontaneity of street photography being my mantra, I am perpetually seeking for the detail. Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary; the exceptional into the rare.

Particular areas of specialisation:   

Fashion photography, Portrait, Extreme Sports.